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what is rmsolutions

rmsolutions is a custom built cloud based CRM & intensive housing management system for housing and support providers, Our system has been designed with client relationships at its heart.


With real time reporting available 24/7 its the new must have app for supported housing, with a wide rage of services and features available.


We know how important price is for non-profit organisations, that's why we've put together the full package to support your organisation's needs with ZERO upfront costs and our new pay as you use  use

intensive management system we've got you covered.

rmsolutions is completely unique and with over 40 years combined on the ground experience within the supported housing sector to I.T specialist in coding and building custom app's to our sister company your no1 search engine for supported accommodation.

how rmsolutions benefits you

  • Provides full detailed evidence of support, care and supervision to regulatory bodies and local authorities of the high standards people receive.


  • Live and up to date evidence of tenants profile, support notes and maintenance in case of emergency's or inspections.


  • Increase operational efficiencies through support staff and maintenance using our system to work more effectively.


  •       Benefit from cost savings associated with the reduction of paper, printing and storage of files with the adoption of digital records.

  • Accurate evidence of support, care and supervision with easily accessible data available 24/7

  • Receive more support records of a better quality and in a format that you can easily understand and avoid the unnecessary stress and time searching through paper records.

  • Instant access to audit any information so all required data is instantly to hand.

  • fully accessible information on any device from a desk top computer to a mobile device.

  • Spend more time with the people you support and less time on paperwork to provide better support that really makes a difference. 

  • Record support wherever you are no more rushing to write up support notes on the move.

  • Provide full insight and oversight of your organisations day to day activities.


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